Hi! Welcome to my blog!!!

My name is Spyros Athanassopoulos. I was born and raised in Athens-Greece (1979). When I finished my studies in Intergraphics College, I worked as a Graphic & Web Designer for several Greek advertising agencies – branding companies – publishing houses and digital agencies, such as: Lambrakis Press S.A., Mccann Erickson Athens, ATCOM Internet & Multimedia

As a freelancer:
Red Design Consultants, Fcb/Gnomi, Boussias Communications, Piece of Cake

Mess Project is my online gallery. I want to share all the kind of media that i see, like but also create! Feel free to comment and share my posts on the net. Give me your feedback or to just say hello at: mess.prj@gmail.com

Awards – Distinctions:
2007 / Rainbow Marble Award – Czech Republic – Social Liability
2008 / Ermis Gold Ad Awards – Loumidis frio
2009 / Ermis Silver Ad Awards – Mccann Erickson Annual Calendar