The myth of the golden bird

Fikos completed  his new mural in Almetyevsk in the Autonomous Republic of Tatarstan in Russia. Participating in the project “The tales of golden apples” which is promoted by the Public-art program in Almetyevsk and TATNEFT he had the opportunity to study local myths and traditions. His artwork “Hero” (“The myth of the golden bird”) is the Tatar version of a story we find in a variety of different cultures around the world, the one about the hero who kills the dragon in order to save the princess. Through his ability to combine his byzantine style with the local tradition and culture on his artwork and trough the study of those myths one feels and reflects how different people and mentalities are all over the world but on the same time how similar we are on the way we think, feel and create.




Almetyevsk, Tatarstan Russia 2018

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