kira Ni Ceramics

A fantastic ceramic project that i came across lately on instagram. Minimal, bold but elegant perfect for all of you who loves design and handmade unique items…

Kira Ni Ceramics is a small ceramics studio located in London, UK Malta.

As a studio potter I make rustic yet modern homeware and tableware. My inspiration comes from American & Scandinavian Mid Century modern design with its organic shapes and style characterised by clean simplicity and integration with nature. All my pieces are minimalistic and hold functionality as well as follow the concept of Wabi-sabi, art of imperfection.

I use high fire stoneware clay, that is durable enough for everyday use. I often glaze my pieces only on the inside, to keep that modern rustic charm.

All objects are fired twice and during the second firing temperature goes up to 1260 C. I prefer to use three different clay colours white, black & grey and two glaze colours crackle transparent or shiny white.

Every piece is handmade from scratch and are either wheel-thrown or hand-built, those that are hand-built have organic and sometimes wonky shapes. I find that these imperfections give each piece their own unique style and personality and therefore they should be considered one-of-a-kind.

Kira Ni sells online on Tictail, don t forget to visit! Cheers

kira Ni Ceramics

kira Ni Ceramics 4

kira Ni Ceramics 5

kira Ni Ceramics 2

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