Now everybody is a storyteller

Have you ever felt so tired and completely out of energy doing nothing all day long, just lying down on your bed or couch with you smartphone or tablet on you hands? Lately it happens to me all the time. That s because we are actually doing something and we don’t even realise it! Social media are full of useless content and information you don’t want to know. I mean, is it so important to me to know about the personal life of an actor or a star graphic designer? These days you have to work and post at the same time thinks that you are doing or see, real time! That’s exhausting and pointless. It s about storytelling….

I saw the other day a video titled: You are not a storyteller by Stefan Sagmeister. I couldn’t agree more, he s funny as well! See the video and tell me about it.

I read also a great blog post about leaving social media for a while and what happened by Wit & Delight. Plenty of free time, excercise and at last found some personal time to relax!!! Remember a previous post titled: A digital era? Finally i found an other post about social media and how to use them without loosing yourself. 4 rules for digital downtime by a pair and a spare. Really interesting! Cheers